Koprivnica and its vicinity abound in historical, cultural and economic goods and potentials in the beautiful natural setting of healthy forests, meadows and fields. Gentle hills covered in vineyards and orchards and especially the cleanest river in Europe - Drava, with its tributaries and lakes, surround villages that cherish very interesting folk customs. Along with the attractive rural areas, Koprivnica itself offers interesting content that exudes Middle-european flair. These events are a good reason to pay a visit to Koprivnica.


During the sports season you can attend matches of the First Croatian Football League when Football Club Slaven Belupo hosts a match at the town stadium or women’s handball matches when Podravka-Vegeta plays at home. During the summer on the lake Šoderica there are competitions in jet-skiing, diving, fishing and much more.   


You can use the town’s pool facility and cycling lanes all over the town and its vicinity every day. Not far away there is also the international Podravina’s cycling highway, the Drava-route. Over the summer the main bathing spot is the lake Šoderica, and the river Drava is ideal for rowing sports. 

There’s also a Christmas fair, and the people’s favourite attraction - an ice-skating rink at the town square.    


Koprivnica abounds in valuable cultural events that take place as exhibitions at the town’s Gallery or other venues, museum exhibitions at the Museum, many ecological art exhibitions on the protection of nature and the environment, many theatrical and cinema shows etc. There are also the Days of lawns and fields, Old-timer competitions, cycling events and many more.